Why Mentoring?

Through insights learnt from years of experience, a Mentor can facilitate personal and professional growth in a Mentee (Learner) and help them fulfil their maximum potential.

Mentoring Survey

In a recent survey conducted by One2One Mentoring in Black Professional women, 62% said they never had training in mentoring with majority saying they did not have access to mentoring training and wanted training if made available. Majority of respondents had never been mentored formally or mentored anyone via a formal arrangement. Respondents who had experienced formal or informal mentoring said they had benefited from this. Majority of respondents who had never been mentored formally said they would like to benefit from this in the future.

How we have supported our mentees and the community in the last year (2020-2021)


Mentees have been mentored and supported

300 hours

One to one bespoke mentoring and support sessions


Have registered as volunteer mentors and Key partners

Over 100

Internship/work experience opportunities posted on our member and social media sites

Over 50

Radio and community outreach programs have been delivered

Over 18,000

People who have engaged with our monthly radio programs

Over 1000 people

Who have engaged with us directly via our web and social media sites


Key research projects  commissioned

One2One Mentoring Network is a member of EMCC UK and can guarantee that any Volunteer, Associate or anyone else acting on their behalf as a coach or mentor is subject to and has agreed to abide by the EMCC Code of Ethics (see member resources and footnotes)

One2One Mentoring Network is a growing community of volunteer mentors and mentees, with the purpose of promoting equality and diversity in the workplace. Our mentors are experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, with mentees being mainly from the black and minority community in higher education, employment or seeking employment after completing a professional qualification.


We provide bespoke one-to-one mentoring and coaching, including industry advice. There are opportunities within our Network for group, peer to peer, reverse and diversity mentoring, to enhance understanding of different backgrounds and cultures in the workplace. To enable our mentees to harness opportunities the workplace has to offer, we organise and engage in other activities such as panel discussions, workshops, radio, seminars, and collaborate with other organisations to secure apprenticeships, internships, volunteering, and shadowing opportunities.


Partnering with the One2One Mentoring Network-Hexitime campaign will support black and ethnic minority colleagues to thrive and excel in the workplace.


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Enabling a pathway of success to promote self-improvement, self-fulfilment, and empowerment in women and men of African /African-Caribbean origin and people from other minority ethnic communities.

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    Our Network's bespoke and robust mentoring/coaching programs can facilitate life long learning in our Mentees and Mentors.