One2One Mentoring Network

One2One Mentoring Network is a not-for-profit mentoring/ support Network and registered Charity, driven and delivered primarily by experienced/ high achieving professionals (Mentors) from the Black community. The aim is to utilise robust mentoring programs to reduce inequalities and  under-representation of people from Black and other minority ethnic communities in the work place. Our mentoring programs will enable  Mentees reach their full potential, champion the principles of diversity and equality in the workplace and then go on to empower others.


Our vision

Utilising mentoring and coaching methods to enable a pathway of success, promote self -improvement, self-fulfilment and empowerment in women and men from Black and minority Ethnic communities.


Our mission

Our mentoring, coaching programs and activities principally aims to promote equality and diversity in the workplace in women and men of African/African-Caribbean origin including other minority ethnic communities through:


  • Nurturing talents to increase productivity, empower and reduce inequalities in the workplace.
  • Advancing education and raising awareness in equality and diversity.
  • Promoting and encouraging activities, partnerships, affiliations and collaborations  to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds.


Our values

Respect: We believe in the core principles of equality, diversity, and the importance of ensuring all our clients are treated with dignity and fairness.


Honesty: We strive to be open, transparent, and always maintain confidentiality.


Caring: We are empathetic and aim to be accessible, whilst always providing our clients with unconditional positive regard.


Listen: We respect our clients’ right to be heard, express their own opinions, and follow their own belief systems.


Passion: We are committed to empowering our clients and enabling them to achieve their goals.


Teamwork: We will strive to form the necessary affiliations, associations, and partnerships to benefit our clients.


Inclusion: Our Network is committed to ensuring a culture of inclusion and connectedness and so strive to value, respect and work with people from diverse backgrounds.

Strategic Priorities

Achieving our vision, mission, aims and objectives in enabling and empowering Black and other ethnic minority communities are embedded in the strategic principles below:


Quality and bespoke one to one, group mentoring and coaching activities to enable increase in productivity in the workplace.

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Leadership Development

Leadership development programs to transform and equip the next generation.

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Training and Education

Training and education programs tailored according to individual needs.

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Apprenticeship programmes

Apprenticeships , volunteering and internship opportunities to prepare and equip the future workforce.

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Discussion forums

Facilitate and encourage challenging conversations in safe places.

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Affiliations, Partnerships, Collaborations

Form necessary affiliations, collaborations and links to provide diverse and robust learning opportunities.

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One2One Mentoring Network programs

Our programs can encourage life long learning, promote resilience, enhance future employability prospects and contribute to nurturing and equipping the future workforce.

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