One2One Mentoring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why was One2One Mentoring Network formed?

One2One Mentoring Network is an inspirational idea by founder, Dr Susan Ozer, developed as part of a response around the recent (2020) Black Lives matter movement highlighting inequality issues in Black and Ethnic minority communities in the UK and elsewhere. Through robust mentoring programs, the Network aims to reduce some of the impact of inequality in Black and Ethnic minority communities.

No,  young men (18-25years) from the Black community can apply and join the Bridge program as Mentees. Men from the Black community can also join the core program as Mentors or Mentees.

Men from all other minority ethnic and non-BAME backgrounds can also apply to become Mentors for the  Bridge program, Heritage Academy for parents/carers or join via our Associate membership pathway. They can  also affiliate/collaborate with us and support our Network by becoming Champions.

Although One2One Mentoring Network is primarily driven and delivered by Black professionals and targeted at people from Black and minority ethnic communities, people from any ethnic background with interest in supporting minority ethnic initiatives can join the Network as a mentor or mentee and benefit from our mentoring programs through the Associate Membership pathway.

One2One mentoring Network provides a comprehensive mentoring program which includes bespoke one to one formal mentoring. The full program provides a nurturing environment for prospective mentee to flourish, achieve their full potential and go on to enable and empower others.

One2One Mentoring is a not for profit network. All funds raised from our activities are ploughed back into the network. All our mentors are Volunteers and have vast experience in their field of expertise. Majority of our Volunteers are professionals or business entrepreneurs and are already engaged in mentoring, education, appraisal, and supervision in their normal jobs. Our volunteers are simply committed to helping others succeed and are not paid for the work they do.

The Bridge Program is a specific bespoke one to one support and mentoring program with the aim of addressing specific inequalities related to young men (18-25years old) from the Black community in the workplace. Mentors for the Bridge can be men or women from any background with interest in supporting minority initiatives.

What is the Heritage program?

The Heritage parent Academy specifically targets parents and carers from the Black community, to equip them with skills needed to mentor and support their child through primary school to College or Sixth form.

Parents/Carers from all backgrounds can apply and attend our parent mentoring and child development courses.

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