Dr Naomi Elton, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist (retired)

Associate member Lead link/ Continuous Professional Development Co-Lead, (One2One Mentoring Network)


Naomi is a coach-mentor and mediator with a background in child and adolescent psychiatry. Naomi is a coach-mentor for the doctors’ charity, Royal Medical Benevolent Fund and for NHS Leadership Academy and coaches doctors as an associate of the author and occupational psychologist Caroline Elton (who is not Naomi’s relative!)


Naomi mediates for CALM Mediation helping resolve neighbour disputes across London. These are disputes about things like noise, behaviour, conflicting needs, and lifestyles. Talking through the issues might seem the obvious thing to do but many people are fearful of doing so without a safe psychological environment. Naomi has mediated as part of a free mediation pilot at the High Court small claims division; further pilots are on hold due to the pandemic


Naomi was a consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for 25 years. She trained at Gt Ormond Street Hospital in London and subsequently worked in and around Cambridge. Naomi had a reputation for working with the most complex children, young people and their families, cross-agency working and generally thinking outside the box, an effective, innovative, and compassionate psychiatrist


A perpetual student, Naomi studied Systemic Psychotherapy as a junior doctor and Occupational Psychology as a consultant psychiatrist. Naomi then took on the role of clinical director for the children’s directorate in her NHS Trust, leading the directorate through a period of challenging austerity – though of course the challenges now may be far greater! Naomi used her abilities to listen, to develop services, protect quality during a time of deep cuts, and prioritise staff well-being.


As a non-BAME ally, Naomi is committed to the change agenda. She is eager to share her learning and experience to support One2One Mentoring Network, and to provide positive support for people with Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds in their professional lives.

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