Mentor Application

Role Description For:

Volunteer Partners, Associate Members, Bridge Program, Parent Heritage Program


ROLE TITLE: Volunteer (Mentor, Coach, Parent Heritage)

ORGANISATION: One2 One Mentoring Network

ORGANISATION TYPE: Charitable Organisation (not for profit)


RESPONSIBLE TO: Key Partners, One2One Mentoring Network

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Trustees, One2One Mentoring Network


Our vision:

Utilising mentoring and coaching methods to enable a pathway of success, promote self-improvement, self-fulfilment and empowerment in women and men from Black and minority Ethnic communities.


Our mission:

Our mentoring, coaching programs and activities principally aims to promote equality and diversity in the workplace in women and men of African/African-Caribbean origin including other minority Ethnic communities through:

  • Nurturing talents to increase productivity, empower and reduce inequalities in the work place.
  • Advancing education and raising awareness in equality and diversity.
  • Promoting and encouraging activities, partnerships, affiliations and collaborations between people from diverse backgrounds.


Our values:

Respect: We believe in the core principles of equality, diversity, and the importance of ensuring all our clients are treated with dignity and fairness.

Honesty: We strive to be open, transparent, and respectful of confidentiality always.

Caring: We are empathetic and strive to be accessible, providing our clients with unconditional positive regard always.

Listen: We respect our clients’ right to be heard, express their own opinions, and follow their own belief systems.

Passion: We are committed to empowering our clients and enabling them to achieve their goals.

Teamwork: We will strive to form the necessary affiliations, associations, and partnerships to benefit our clients.

Inclusion: Our Network is committed to ensuring a culture of inclusion and connectedness and so strive to value, respect and work with people from diverse backgrounds.


Main Responsibilities & Roles (You may be involved in a few or all):

  • Bespoke one to one mentoring/coaching (virtual or face to face)
  • Group mentoring mentoring/coaching (virtual or face to face)
  • Focus groups to provide a platform to explore barriers to progress linked to race and gender
  • Focus groups, podcasts, or webinars to explore life-style issues that may affect career progress
  • Provide Webinars on topics to promote self-improvement and empowerment
  • Participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences to promote self-improvement
  • Engage in activities to promote benefits of learning through reflection
  • Participate in school career days
  • Be willing to participate in retreats and conferences to promote and encourage team bonding and leadership development
  • Be willing to raise the profile of our network on social media platforms
  • Be willing to engage in community events that will raise the profile of the network
  • Be willing to engage in activities involving raising funds and sponsorship to support network activities
  • Be prepared engage in relevant research and review of key articles related to mentoring /coaching practice, race, diversity, and equal opportunities


Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. You will work with Key Partners to conduct regular surveys, audits and evaluations of mentoring /coaching practice and always comply with evidence-based practice.
  2. You will work with Key Partners to regularly collect and evaluate feedback from clients and contribute to appropriate pathways for improvement.


Continuous Personal Development (CPD):

All Volunteers including Key Partners are expected to keep up to date with relevant training, literature and research relating to mentoring, coaching, equality, and diversity to maintain their skills and comply with sound clinical governance practices. All Volunteers are expected to comply with the EMCC global code of ethics (see member resource area and website footnotes).


Access to Appraisal:

All Mentors and Coaches will have access to annual appraisals conducted by Key Partners with appraisal skills.


Additional Information:


CONFIDENTIALITY Coaching and mentoring relationships are confidential and so it is important for Volunteers to be familiar with the Data Protection Act 1998, detailing information on personal responsibility and liability around confidentiality breach. Your personal details are safe with us and you can request more information
HEALTH & SAFTEY All Volunteers are required to take reasonable care of their health and Mentors/Coaches to ensure they notify key partners if unable to continue a mentoring/coaching relationship because of health or personal issues. It is important for all to take reasonable care of their own health and safety so clients are not affected by acts of omission and to ensure that statutory regulations, policies, codes of practice around mentoring, coaching and equality/diversity are adhered to.
ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Our network strongly recognises the need for long term environmental sustainability and the importance of reducing carbon emissions by encouraging safe and green practices that will have a positive impact on our environment.
SAFEGUARDING POLICY: All Volunteers are expected to be up to date with Adult Safeguarding policies and recognise, identify, and support vulnerable adults at risk of abuse. This Network has an Adult Safeguarding Policy and Lead.


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